Step In2 Salsa

Step in2 Salsa is one of the top dance schools in Romania. Created by Alexandra Ichim and Eduard Kis (Ali & Edi) in 2010, two of the most appreciated and loved Romanian instructors, their dance centre is known for the words “Dance with your heart and your body will follow”.

From 2013 till nowadays, Step in2 Salsa is famous for the only Dominican Bachata Routines that have been performed on various stages of national and international dance festivals. Through their Dominican Project known as Do.Re.Mi (Dominican Revolution Mix), they succeeded in bringing authentic Bachata back into the spotlight.

Edi & Ali together with their performance group are known for their way of interpreting the music, on stage, in classes and in social dancing. Their dances, routines and classes have a strong personality, they are always inside the music, adding their unique flavour everywhere they represent this beautiful culture.

For the entire Step in2 Salsa Team, dance means elegance, spontaneity, balance, love, dedication and respect. They created a loving family where everyone reveals their passion and contribute to something great called dance. They teach salsa, Bachata and Kizomba in their dance centre and all over this world, spreading many smiles on the rhythm.

2018 Classes
10:30 – 11:30 Dominician Bachata Improvers: FootWork
14:15 – 15:15 Bachata Intermediate: Dominican Partnerwork
15:30 – 16:30 On1 Intermediate: Smile within the rhythm
16:45 – 17:45 Bachata Advanced: Dominican dance inside the music

10:30 – 11:30 On1 Intermediate: Enhance your senses while dancing
11:45 – 12:45 Bachata Improvers: Style-up your bachata
14:15 – 15:15 Bachata Intermediate: Dominican influences in urban bachata
16:45 – 17:45 Bachata Advanced: Dominican Revolution Mix (Do. Re. Mi.)


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