Nuno discovered Latin-american music and Salsa in 1996. The first experiences as a Salsa DJ started in 1999 and soon started to organize regular Salsa parties, some of which still continue today.

Since 2001 he has collaborated as a DJ in most Salsa Clubs/discos in Portugal: Barrio Latino (Lisboa), Havana Docas (Lisboa), Muxima (Porto), Broadway (Coimbra), El Sonero (Porto). Was a Salsa DJ in some of the most popular clubs in Lisbon as the Blues Café, Kapital, Docs, Coconuts, Bar do Guincho. His passion and dedication to the mambo and old school Salsa continued to grow until today.

Since 2001 he is the official DJ and one of the organizers of the oldest Salsa party in Portugal: Salsaviva in Almada. He is also one of the organizers of the Palladium Nights and Lisbon Salsa Vinyl Sessions, two of the most popular Salsa parties in Portugal right now. The Palladium Night Concept has grown outside borders and is now talking place also in Dublin, Ireland.

Nuno has participated as a DJ in the most relevant Salsa events in Portugal and in many International events:

Setubal Salsa Experience, Setubal (Aug 2018)
I Like it Like That, vol.22, London, UK (June 2018)
1st and 2nd Oporto Salsa Congress, Porto (Feb. 2017, Feb 2018)
Salsa Pal Bailador Vinyl Session, La Coruña, Spain (Nov. 2016)
Mambo Fever, Geneve, Switzerland (Nov. 2015)
Porto Santo Latin Weekend, Porto Santo Island (May 2015, June 2016, April 2017 and june 2018)
Dublin Palladium Night, Dublin, Ireland (Feb. 2015, Nov. 2015, Feb. 2016, Sept. 2017)
Lisbon Salsa Marathon, Lisboa (Feb. 2015)
Congresso Internacional de Salsa e kizomba, Luanda, Angola (Nov. 2014)
International Kizomba & Salsa Cruise Congress (Oct. 2014)
Mambo Sessions, Montreux Jazz Cafe, Genève, Switzerland (Jun. 2014)
O’Sullivans, Paris, France (Jul 2013)
Porto Salsa Mob, Porto (Nov 2012, Nov 2013, Nov 2014, Nov. 2015, Oct 2016, Oct 2017)
Keta Festival, Lisboa (2012, 2015)
Portugal Salsa Open, Oficial DJ (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)
Salsa Madness, Tiyatro Cafe, Istambul (Abril 2012)
Latin Sessions, Montreux Jazz Cafe, Genève, Switzerland (Jan. 2012, Set. 2012)
V and VI Workshop Ibérico de Salsa, Algarve, (Feb. 2011 and Feb. 2012)
1º, 2º, 3º, 4º, 5º and 6º Simpósio Internacional Salsa Portugal (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014)
Festival Salsa in Ria 2009 / Final Salsa Open Portugal (Jun. 2009)
Festival de Salsa Super Mario and Friends, Lisboa (Oct. 2008 and Oct. 2009)
6º Simposium Internacional de Salsa de Madrid, Spain (Mar. 2008)
5º, 6º, 7º e 8º Congresso Mundial de Salsa de Lisboa (April 2006, Nov. 2007, May 2009, May 2010)
3º Encontro Salsorro, Sanxenxo, Spain (Dec. 2004)
2º Encontro Salsorro, Sanxenxo, Spain (Oct. 2003)
1º Festival Internacional de Salsa MenteKulta, (Sept. 2003)
2º, 3º e 4º Encontro Nacional de Salsa, Cúria (April 2002; April 2003 and April 2004)
1º, 2º, 3º, 4º Congresso Mundial de Salsa de Lisboa (Nov. 2002, Nov. 2003, Mar 2004, April 2005)
1º Encontro Ibérico de Salsa, Madrid, Spain (Oct. 2001)

During the last 18 years, shared the DJ cabin with reference Salsa DJs as: Pablo Bat (Arg), Henry Knowles (USA), Gabriel (Fra), Pepe Bassan (Ita), Loic (Fra), Mulato (Fra), Patrick el Clasico (Switz), Cycy (Fra), Martinelli (Spa), El Malo (Switz) and many others.

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