Alvaro & Mirabella

Álvaro: Born in Portugal, he is been dancing all his life. Inspite of constant exposure to the music, he only started dancing Kizomba after he moved to Bratislava. Over four years ago his attention got captured by latin dances, only to quickly learn that Kizomba is the dance he identifies himself with. After he took the first step, he didn’t stop dancing ever since. Álvaro started his teaching phase in Bratislava for 6 months until he partnered with Mirabella.

Mirabella: Born in Serbia, she started dancing when she was 13 and couldn’t stop ever since. Having a background in belly dancing, Streetstyle and latin dances, she fell in love with Kizomba music first five years ago. Shortly after she met the dance and got addicted. Four years ago she started assisting her former dance partner in Vienna.

Álvaro and Mirabella have been teaching regularly in Vienna for 4 years now and have taught in other events, including international festivals as FLAC, BIKE, Pikante, LIKE Lisbon and Frankfurt and Warsaw Kizomba Festival.

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