Anthony Auffret

AnthonyAnthony was born in Brittany, France, where he started dancing at an early age. His first dance steps were taken in Fest Noz (traditional dancing). By the age of 13 Anthony decided it was time to rebel and learn something “cooler” so he went on to learn Le Rock.

In 1999 Anthony discovered Salsa and got hooked. In 2001 he travelled to Latin America and gained a better understanding of the roots and the culture behind the dance. That same year he started competing with his partner Coral Perez Garcia.

In 2002 they represented Ireland as semi-finalists in the World Salsa Championships in Miami. Anthony created SalsaNation dance company in 2002. He teaches L.A. style. He beleives that as a Salsa teachers is primary mission is to convey his love of the music and dance. The learning process should always be fun.

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