Darran & Vava

13149951_10154093395564178_382014156_nDarran and Vava have spent many years dancing and teaching throughout Ireland, most notably in Derry and Dublin and since 2011 have seen them move to London to learn from some of the very best UK and international Instructors, which has helped further their dancing abilities and teaching skills.
It has also expanded their stage performance experience which has taken them to many congresses and events across Ireland, the UK and Europe both teaching and performing.

Most notably they’ve both spent almost 2 years with the ‘Pexava’ student performance teams directed by Gil and Shelley, learning some of the finest techniques in performance and Vava enhancing her styling further more performing extra shows with the ‘Pexava’ girl groups.

Then they’ve both spent the last 2 years with the ‘Sleek Arrows’ student performance teams directed by Sam Mr.Sleek, learning precision of timing and movement which have all been filtered through to their dancing and teaching skills. They’ve worked hard up from the student team to semi-pro, and Darran performing professionally along side Sam. Mr Sleek.

Darran and Vava now live in Bristol and have expanded their reach and popularity both locally and further afield. They have also trained with Joseph Davids of the Latin Collective for the past 2 years in the importance of class structure, organisation and teaching skills and have seen them help set up and run one of the most popular Salsa nights, as well as their own ever growing weekly classes and monthly party.

‘We simply have an endless passion and love for dancing!’


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