Joao Rocha was born in Lisbon, Portugal. Salsa was his 1st love, in 1999, Kizomba came into his life in 2007. Having inspirations such as Master Petchu, Kwenda Lima and Afrolatin Connection he has developed his own style!

In May 2010 he was invited to perform Semba at the prestigious “Africadançar”. In October 2010 he moved to London to teach and contribute to the growing Kizomba scene in the UK. In February 2012 he moved to Stockholm and created 1st Kizomba Scene there under the name of “Kizombafeber” along with his current dancing partner Giedre Lapaite. The same year he started practicing dj-ing and was called DJ “Rock”. In 2015 he moved to Frankfurt.

He has been teaching and performing at several events around the world in more than 30 countries including Major Countries in Europe, USA, Russia, Brasil (to name a few) and organizing his own Renowned Festival in Lisbon “LIKE Festival” since 2010, “Toma-Toma” in Bratislava with Alvaro Gustavo since 2013 and “LOVE LIKE LONDON” with “Mambo City” since 2014. Since 2016 “Kizomba Sunrise” in Algarve and the new LIKE Frankfurt since 2018.

Giedre Lapaite is a Lithuanian girl with Ballroom, LA and Cuban Salsa background. She tried her first steps of Kizomba in Vilnius, Lithuania, got very interested in dance and culture and started to travel to Portugal in order become a good Kizomba dancer.

In 2011 she met Joao Rocha, who has given her love to Semba and invited her to teach together. In 2012 Giedre deepened her knowledge of Angola’s history and culture with Master Petchu and Vanessa. In the same year she moved to Stockholm, Sweden, started to give regular kizomba, semba classes and organize kizomba events together with Joao Rocha. In 2015 she moved to Frankfurt.

She has already taught in numerous kizomba festivals in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Canada to name a few

In 2013 she has joined organization team of prestigious kizomba festival in Lisbon– “LIKE”, in 2014 – “LOVE LIKE LONDON” festival in London, in 2015 – Since 2016 “Kizomba Sunrise” in Algarve and the new LIKE Frankfurt since 2018.

Joao & Giedre teach together since 2012. They live in Frankfurt (Germany) and own Kizomba school called “Kizomba Fabrik”, where they give weekly classes and organize parties. What is more, they give monthly classes in Stockholm (Sweden) and weekend workshops in different kizomba festivals all around the world. Together they organize 5 international kizomba events: 2 of them take place in Portugal, 1 in Bratislava(SK), 1 in London (UK) and 1 in Frankfurt (DE).

Their classes are known as very detailed and highly technical, they focus on traditional kizomba and semba, pay a lot of attention to the Angolan culture, introduce retro music to the classes, teach not only kizomba, semba, tarraxinha, but also they give classes of old school kizomba flow, leading and following techniques, musicality. They created modern class of kizomba with tango influence, which got one of their most popular classes at the moment together with Musicality and Leading & Following.

2019 Classes:

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