Nelson Campos & VANJA MULAČ


Nelson Campos is known to be the driving force behind many successful Kizomba teachers and dancers in Europe, Asia and across the globe. He is a Teacher of teachers and one of the best and most experienced instructors and performers of Kizomba.

Any opportunity to watch and learn from him is an opportunity not to be missed!

Nelson doesn’t just teach steps or choreographed routines, he really teaches you how to dance, how to understand leading and following techniques, so you’ll be able to dance with anyone on the dance floor and do it smoothly and gracefully.

Based in the UK since 1999, Nelson was born in West African country of Guinea-Bissau and then moved to Lisbon – Portugal where, in his youth, discovered many Salsa and African clubs.

Nelson is invited to teach all over the world to share is Kizomba knowledge. Very passionate and patient when teaching, Nelson ensures his classes are energetic and full of fun.

He is qualified as a professional dance teacher with prestigious dance organisations such as UKA (United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dancing and Kindred Arts) and licensed adjudicator by the BDC (British Dance Council) he always ensures a high quality teaching.

Nelson is the creator of the World’s first Kizomba Instructional DVD series I, II, III & IV which was a huge success.


Reggaeton and kizomba instructor from Split, Croatia. Dance and sport are in her blood from an early age. Through her early years she started with latin dance and volleyball until she met her funky family S-Tribe. Since then she attended many festivals and made progress in her career as dance instructor in kizomba and reggaeton. She is the first lady in Split who brought kizomba intending to share her love with other dancers. Vanja has many years of professional dancing, personal instructing in Croatia and International festivals. Participated in a numerous dance shows on festivals (Rovinj, London, Dublin, Denmark, Corfu and many many more). Her personality and dance skills complemented with her outstanding talent in Afro & Latin dances makes her to be an idol for many dancers.

Her classes are full of fun, positive energy, and friendly atmosphere. There is nobody who left her class without smile on his face. If you want to see what we are talking about, you can check her web site www.vanjamulac.com

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