PedroPedro Alberto is a Dance Teacher, Professor de Capoeira, Sambista, Musician, Performer, Choreographer, DJ and Artist. He is the creator of the Afro Latin Dance Project and the Salsa Bay Dance School in Galway and has taught widely in Ireland.

Pedro Alberto was teaching in Portugal for over 12 years before he came to Ireland. He taught dance classes including Capoeira and other forms of Afro Latin Dances, to children and adults in Schools, Universities, Clubs, Gym’s and Governmental Social Projects.
As a musician, dancer & Dj, he travelled the world performing and teaching in places such as Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Macau, Brazil, Africa and others. His Samba Group “Canto da Amazonia” won second place in the national Portuguese TV programme ‘‘Kings of National Music’’ (Reis da Musica Nacional).

His love for Afro-Latin music, Cuban and World, started at an early stage, growing up in an environment where music and dance were always present.

Pedro started learning Salsa alone till he found the first teacher that inspired him to start seriously, the Colombian Salsa Cali Style teacher Johan Ortiz in Paris 2000. Since that time he has been studying salsa and travelling to the best congresses around Europe & World. He is interested in, and has studied, all salsa styles, and he is particularly inspired by Eddie Torres & Alberto Valdes.

Pedro has been teaching in Galway and around Ireland for several years. Pedro´s passion and emotions in dance are evident when you see him on the dance floor, but what will stand out more is his big smile and the sense of musicality and fun. This he shares, along with his love for music and dance, in his entertaining and high energy dance classes. Currently teaches Salsa and Kizomba classes in Galway.

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