Reynaldo & Indira

reynaldo-indiraIndira and Reynaldo from Caracas, Venezuela, met in August 2004 while taking Cuban salsa classes in Salsa Casino Academy in Caracas. Inspired by this beautiful dance, they explored different styles and continued their Salsa journey with On1 and On2. In February 2006 they moved to IMAGEN LATINA, famous for fantastic dancers and performances all over the world (USA, Europe, South America, Russia and Singapore) where they were exposed to cha cha, cha, NY style, LA style, bachata and ballet.

After 3 years, learning from the best dancers in Venezuela and creating their own style, they started teaching Salsa on2 (NY Style) in the academy at intermediate and advanced level. During their time in Imagen Latina they attended workshops around the world with such artists as; Yamulee, Santo Rico, Maikel Fonts, Frankie Martinez, Juan Matos, Eddie Torres and Junior & Emily Alabi. In March 2013 they moved to Dublin and became part of salsa community here. We really enjoy it and want to keep doing what we love the most… DANCING!

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