Yvette Edwards

Yvette was born in the UK but after 11 years moved to Florida, USA for 7 years before finally moving to Ireland where she currently resides. She has loved music from a very young age. She has been dancing for numerous years, and as an adult she grew up playing many sports. Playing sports, dancing, and teaching over the years has given her an awareness of body movement and how to utilise this in dance.

Yvette is also a qualified neuromuscular physical therapy and holds a bachelor’s of science degree.

Yvette’s love for Afro Cuban music began in 2008, when she took her first dance class. Since then she has worked and learnt under many notable instructors. She has also graduated and is certified with the world’s leading authority on Afro Cuban music.

Yvette has been teaching in Sligo for a number of years now as well as teaching internationally and at Irish events. One of her biggest focus’ is technique and musical expression. Yvette enjoys breaking down and explaining in full each element of a move to all of her students.

Yvette is the also the founder of Sligo Latin Fusion, which was created in 2013. The aim of Sligo Latin Fusion is to organise latin events and to bring top quality international instructors as well as local instructors and DJ’s to these events. The goal of Sligo Latin Fusion is to educate students with the best the world can offer and above all have fun!!

Yvette believes that the music tells a story and within that story we can express what we hear and feel on the dance floor.

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