Hi, Mark and Mike,
there is no need to thank the dancers – we had so much fun, and all this thanks to you!

The Classes: good variety, and enough to have us tired in the end of each day. I liked that they were a full hour (other places have only 50 minutes = not so good for learning something new).  Small problem: many people (men) try higher classes than normal, and after having 5 partners with problems to manage the move, it’s difficult to catch
up again… but I don’t know what one could do about this.

The Clubs: good music, not overcrowded, room nicely decorated, enjoyed it very much!

The Teachers: Jerome was a great discovery, liked each of his classes. Wyn: great humour. Marchant and Davina brilliant as always. Inaki very good too.

College Accommodation: very good.

General Organisation: perfect, couldn’t be any better. Glad you did the sign posting of the new road layout, and also informed us beforehand.

Maynooth has a very special atmosphere, I look forward already to next year.
Many thanks again for all the work you and your helpers put into this.
Annegret Pfuetzner

Annegret - Salsa School 2011

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